Fridge Seals

MWS Fridge Seals offers domestic and commercial fridge seals, so call 498 609 891 to find out more.
We have an extremely large range of Fridge, Freezer & Coolroom Seals. We also have a limited stock of silicone and combi oven seals. To view our most common seals please click the links below.
If you require installation please email or phone us and we will assist. Our installation service is limited to the Melbourne area. You can also bring your doors to us for a quick seal replacement.
While many venues wait for a health order, it is worth considering that worn seals will cause your fridge units to work harder, encourage bacterial & fungal growth, increase your electricity bill & increase food spoilage.
We are professional, friendly, helpful and our prices are competitive. Look no further – if you need fridge seals, contact us.