Freezer Seals

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Your freezer is an integral part of your commercial kitchen or shop, keeping frozen produce at the required temperature and safe to eat. A fault with the door seal can significantly add to your electricity bill as well as posing a threat to health and safety.

Freezer seals can break for many reasons and can be a costly issue, causing disruption in your commercial kitchen if ignored. Not only can a broken freezer seal triple the amount of energy used by your freezer, but it can lead to premature thermostat and compressor failure due to extended operation of the components.
A split or cracked freezer seal can also be detrimental to your health and safety rating. Food that’s kept in a freezer with a broken door seal is a potential reservoir for food pathogens. It’s important that freezer seals are checked on a regular basis to ensure that a good Food Hygiene Rating is met.